Top 10 Home Decorating Trends Going Out 2023

When we look at the trends over the past years of home decor, it is easy to note that certain looks never go out of style. However, while the interior design of space reflects a person, there are a few outdated decor trends that we will be seeing less of when 2023 rolls around. Continue to read for our predictions of the 10 top home decor that will be out in 2023. 

1. Smooth Surfaces Top 10 Home Decorating Trends Going Out 2023

Similar to the drifting away of minimalist aesthetics, new homes are incorporating more texture in their decor design and signature pieces. Some upcoming new texturized looks include braided wall art and curvaceous furniture pieces. Dimension is increasingly in when it comes to future home decor in 2023.

2. Neutral Nursery Color Schemes

In the past, it was tempting to assign a color to the gender of your baby, and while this trend is not completely gone, the growing trend we are seeing in nursery decor is a calming neutral, with gender-neutral nursery schemes. Any touch of color can be a fun choice for a kids' room or a nursery.

3. Acrylic Accents

See-through chairs and desks have been a trend for the last few years, whether acrylic or lucite. Providing an optical illusion to space by making it appear as if it were larger, now it seems that the aesthetic trend is being taken over by the newer trends such as pretty pearl core finishes. Another trend we are seeing is furniture pieces made from more natural materials such as wood, following that color scheme. 

4. Buffalo-Check Detailing 

The modern farmhouse has been the cozy, comfy choice of home decor for a few years now. Farmhouse decor such as sliding barn-style doors are details of the aesthetic that are still loved. However, certain elements of the decor are verging on overdone. Buffalo-check plaid is a bit boring now when it comes to entryway decor. 

5. Minimalism 

There is always a case to be made with the phrase "less is more," yet there comes a time when surrounding yourself with more warmth and color is in your best interest. There will be living spaces finished with maximalist furniture pieces, and bold wallpapers with many personal touches. 

6. Caged Industrial Lighting 

Stylish industrial lighting has been a staple in the past few years, increasingly popular amongst lamps and light fixtures. Moving forward, industrial lights are being replaced by more sleek, curved lighting trends. 

7. Matte-Black Hardware 

Black hardware provides a stark and sleek contrast to whatever it is being paired with, so it is no wonder that this trend has been by far the most popular. Moving into 2023, we will most likely see a shift towards classic hardware styles in varying shades of metallic tones. An upside to abandoning black finishing? Matte designs have been proven to be more difficult to clean. 

8. Distressed Finishes 

There can be something said for the comfort provided in a worn-in look. But we will be seeing that choosing distressed finishes, whether it is furniture intentionally bought or distressed, this trend is quickly on its way out. 

9. Grandmillenial Grandeur 

Grandmother chic, or a more old-fashioned approach to design, has been on the rise for the last few years. This design aesthetic may not entirely disappear in the next year. We are seeing grand millennial trends such as lace, and fancy chandeliers being taken over by another grandmother-themed style: a coastal grandmother aesthetic

10. Too Much Blush 

Pink can be a dreamy pick for painting projects or home decor items. In 2023, there is a high possibility that there will be different colors reign supreme. A few top picks for 2023? More neutrals such as warm spice-inspired shades, and the continued popularity of sage green. 

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