Moving, And Stressed About It? How To Cope

So, you’re moving. Maybe you’re getting married or divorced, building a family, or looking for a job in a different location. You’re probably excited, nervous or even apprehensive about your coming change, but if you find the idea of moving stressful, you’re not alone. In fact, research reveals that six out of ten adults say that moving can be the most stressful event in their lives. Other research has found that moving can increase your chance of developing a stress-related condition by 30%. Combining a move with a major life transition — such as having a baby or getting divorced (both of which are common reasons to relocate) — can increase that risk to 50%.

Give yourself time and be sure to take breaks; everything will get accomplished eventually. Look for ways to make your new place feel like home, perhaps by putting up a favorite picture or making your bed with your comfiest sheets and blankets. In time, your new place will feel as much like home as your former residence. For more information on combating the stress of moving, check out the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Aussie Moving

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