Mixing Metals: Finishing Your Kitchen’s Look

In life, there are many unwritten rules- like don’t wear multiple strong patterns in one outfit. There is no unwritten rule saying that the metals in your kitchen have to match. Mixing metals can create a more composed, contemporary, beautiful style. It can also create a timeless and on trend aesthetic. Kitchens designed by the experts frequently feature more than one metal- as different metals can pull in various styles. However, you must make sure each metal was placed intentionally.

One guiding principle is to assess the color scheme of your space. If your kitchen is full of beige, cream or brown tones, you will want to use warm brass, nickel or copper. If your kitchen consists of cool tones like greens, blues, or grays, you may want to consider chrome or silver hardware. Metals also help balance the overall color temperature of a room- copper finishes tend to brighten a space while dark finishes complement lighter colors. Whatever metals are within your design plans, you want to make sure each metal is used throughout the space and not just in one area. This helps balance the room and produces a cohesive look.

For additional tips on how to use mixed metals, check out the below resource, which highlights eight important guidelines to help you mix metals beautifully.

Infographic created by Gerber.

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