A Difficult Decision: Helping Your Loved One Transition to a Care Facility

When the time comes that your loved one needs help with daily living activities and can no longer fully care for themself, then you must face the difficult decision of helping your loved one transition into a care facility. While this process will never be easy, the following suggestions from Tonya Peek Real Estate Group may ease the process.

Choose the Right CareA Difficult Decision Helping Your Loved One Transition to a Care Facility

Your first step is to determine the type of care your loved one needs. There are several levels of care available.

If they require dementia care or incontinence care, then he or she will likely have to move to a memory care facility or a nursing home. If your loved one needs constant monitoring or significant help moving around and transferring from bed to a wheelchair, then a nursing home is probably the best option.

If they simply require some assistance with daily living activities, reminders about medications, help with housekeeping, periodic wellness checks and/or assistance with meal preparation, then an assisted living facility might be the right choice. The facility can assess your loved one's needs and recommend the right care level.

Determine How to Pay

Another major issue in transitioning to a care facility is determining how to pay for long-term care. First, determine your loved one's financial situation, including assets and debts. They may have enough saved to pay for care, or you may have to help them apply for medical assistance. The facility's staff can guide you through the paperwork but you need to be sure that you have all financial information readily available.

If the transition means selling your loved one's home, contact Tonya Peek Real Estate Group to direct you. Do some research on home prices in their area so you can have a good idea of how much you might earn off the sale. Then you can plan further payment options as necessary.

As you plan the move and prepare the home for sale, you’ll have to hire cleaners or take the time to clean it yourself. If you opt to do the cleaning yourself, consider using some natural alternative cleaners to make your task easier. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemical exposure while you work.

Plan the Move

Before moving day arrives, you should plan all the details carefully. If you need a mover, research movers online and read reviews from other customers. Contact likely candidates to discuss your specific needs and get quotes in writing. You can also ask if any discounts or credits are available. Choose the mover with the best overall package.

If your loved one is nervous about moving, it might be best to take him or her on an outing and let the movers complete the task for you. You can have a relative or friend supervise while you spend time with your loved one.

Help Settle In

When the move is complete, you'll want to help your loved one settle into their new home. Visit as much as possible, and surround them with familiar items and pictures. Make his or her space as homelike and inviting as possible, and encourage your loved one to meet new people and participate in activities at the facility.

Meet the Challenge

While transitioning a loved one into a care facility is not easy, you can make it a success. Choose the right care, plan meticulously, and rely on professionals like Tonya Peek Real Estate Group to help you.

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