Declutter Your Home. De-Stress Your Life

Do you have a summer garage sale coming up? Have you come to the conclusion that over the winter months you managed to bring in too many items? Decluttering your home not only helps you get organized, but it also may help you shed a few pounds, lower your stress level and improve your overall mindset.

People waste so much time when they cannot find their keys or wallet in a disorganized home. Having a dedicated spot for each item and having order in your household makes finding items easy. Being exposed to a disordered or jumbled environment makes you more likely to overindulge unhealthy foods like sweets- resulting in weight gain. Other research has found that a stressful home environment can make you more likely to feel depressed and lead to higher levels of cortisol- a stress hormone linked to higher risk of poor health.

The below infographic, The Organization Diet: Cut the Clutter & Improve Your Life, offers proven, practical tips will help you organize your house. Give the “organization diet” a try. Chances are you’ll shed not only unnecessary clutter but stress and a couple pounds as well, setting the stage for better overall physical and mental health.

Graphic created by Closet Works.

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