Best Romantic Restaurants In Frisco, TX

Best Romantic Restaurants In Frisco, TXWhat couple doesn't enjoy a great meal on date night? This can mean something different to every couple. You may be looking for fine dining or you could be considering something casual or international. Either way, make your reservations ahead of time so you are ready to romance your special someone. You might be wondering what the best romantic restaurants are in Frisco, so let's take a look.

Best Romantic Restaurants In Frisco, TX

Dee Lincoln Prime

Dee Lincoln Prime is a traditional steakhouse. This restaurant is known for its classy, romantic atmosphere full of delicious dishes. There is an incredible menu with drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Not only is this an exquisite steakhouse, but it also offers sushi and fish dishes as well. The restaurant is located at The Star in Frisco. The decor boasts of the Cowboys. 

J. Theodore Neighborhood Bistro

The J. Theodore Neighborhood Bistro used to be named Bonnie Ruth's. This place is known for being upscale. while still offering a casual atmosphere. There is a large cocktail and wine list and a menu full of favorites. This restaurant is truly the perfect date night so be sure to reserve ahead of time. 


If you are looking for fun then Nerdvana is where you want to take your loved one. This restaurant is known for its games. There is a great menu for food and drinks and a lot of fun to be had with your favorite video games. This makes for a fun time to not only dine together but play around and forget the world around you for a while. It is truly dining and entertainment all in one.

Edoko Sushi & Robata

If you are a sushi lover and specifically raw sushi, then look no further. Edoko Sushi & Robata is known for its sashimi menu. The fun part about this place is the atmosphere in which your dime. You are seared around the fireplace that your chefs cook on. Truly an unforgettable experience with excellent food. Be sure to call ahead for your reservation.

City Works

If you are less concerned with the fine dining aspect, then check out City Works. This restaurant is located in The Star and if you're a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, then you are in your happy place here, This restaurant has a cozy environment with a lot of TVs for you to view your game. There is great food and local beers on tap.

In Conclusion

As you begin your search for a romantic dinner, you might just find that you have fallen in love with Frisco, TX. If this is the case and you would like more information on the area or assistance in looking for your forever home, contact us. We would love to help you with all of your Frisco, TX real estate needs.

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